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Founded in 2014, we could not believe the number of home care agencies still depending on paper care notes to collect vital client wellbeing information. It pained us to see a lack of modern technology where advancements were needed the most.

Knowing the inefficiencies and lack of oversight that most home care businesses struggle with, we asked ourselves a simple question: would we be comfortable hiring a home care agency to care for our parents? The answer was "no, but we can fix this."

We believe high-quality, personalized care starts with better communication between home care agencies and their staff – and we're building a platform that empowers businesses to do just that.

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  • Capital Factory
  • Transcendent Holdings

The name Rappora is derived from the word rapport, which by definition means "a close and harmonious relationship in which the people or groups concerned understand each other's feelings or ideas and communicate well."

Leadership Team

Our leadership team is a group of experienced designers, engineers and technologists motivated to help care providers meet the demand for high-quality in-home care.

  • Dan Ogren

    Dan Ogren

    Co-Founder / CDO

  • Matt Rosno

    Matt Rosno

    Co-Founder / CEO

  • Spencer Strombotne

    Spencer Strombotne

    Co-Founder / CTO

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Join us and build the future of home care! We promote innovation by partnering with the world's leading home care providers, consultants and technology companies.

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Customer Testimonials

  • “Rappora is an amazing electronic record software for home care documentation. It’s super user friendly with great provider support. I would highly recommend Rappora.”

    Jennifer H.

    Jennifer H.

    Owner, HomeHearts HomeCare

  • “I have literally never seen software like this before. It’s great, so simple to use. Thank you! I gotta say every time I use Rappora I like it more and more. You guys really have made some all encompassing software.”

    Ricardo M.

    Ricardo M.

    Owner, Hannacare

  • “I want you guys to know that I absolutely love the app. It just works. I am going to be a pro before you know it!”

    Dianna T.

    Dianna T.

    Owner, Private Home Care STL

  • “I can now confidently say my employees are providing my clients on time, quality care. I am alerted the moment there is an issue and can respond accordingly.”

    Laurie F.

    Laurie F.

    Director of Operations, BrightStar Care of Hartford

  • “Rappora is a cutting edge home care software company that understands the needs of a home care provider. Their documentation concept is concise and convenient, easy to use and provides great efficiency in business.”

    Dina S.

    Dina S.

    Owner, Alterra Consulting

  • “Some of our caregivers were reluctant to use an app, but it’s so user friendly they immediately saw the benefit. Now our caregivers love Rappora.”

    Dawn H.

    Dawn H.

    HR Director, BrightStar Care of MD - Anne Arundel County

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